Never Twice

IL2037 September 30, 2016 Innovative Leisure

    Side 1

  1. It's Time
  2. I Had Some Money
  3. Straight Love Affair
  4. Stanyan Street
  5. Old Place

    Side 2

  1. Katchi [featuring Leon Bridges]
  2. Baby I'm In The Mood For You
  3. Tracy
  4. Lucky Once
  5. LA Turnaround


Paula Henderson (Bari sax), Rob Douglas (double bass, fender bass, vocals), Josh Adams (drums), Andres Renteria (percussion and hand drums), Eric Jackowitz (drums and percussion, vocals), John Anderson (elec. guitar), Danny Eisenberg (piano, hammond organ), Audie Delone (piano), John Allair (hammond organ), Wil Blades (hammond organ), Brit Manor (vocals), Roberta Freeman (vocals), Carol Hatchett (vocals), Kyle Stephens (vocals), Bob Kenmotsu (flute), Mikey Olmos (trumpet), Adam Theil (trombone), Ralph Carney (tenor sax), Ron Dziubla (tenor sax), Engineered by Michael Mchugh Asst. Engineers Kyle Stephens, Nic Joidin, Garrett Wroblewski , Corey Cresswell, Christopher Maciel, Samuel Shea, Cover photography by Erin Rambo. Illustration by Cris Cleen. Layout & Design by Niall McCormack