IL2017 2014 Innovative Leisure Records

    Side 1

  1. High Tiding
  2. This is A Game
  3. It No. 3
  4. Let It Come Down
  5. Sleepin' Pills

    Side 2

  1. Holly
  2. Dead Room
  3. Well It's Fine
  4. Ain't There Something That Money Can't Buy
  5. Hands On The Clock


Engineered by Gavin Paddock Produced by Nick Waterhouse and Kevin Augunas Recorded late 2013 at Fairfax Recording Studios ; Jeff Babko - piano; Ron Blake - trumpet; Matthew Correia - percussion; Carol Douglas - vocals; Rob Douglas - bass; Jason Freese - tenor, baritone sax; Roberta Freeman - vocals; Larry Goldings - piano, organ; Richard Gowen - drums; Brit Lauren Manor - vocals; Gavin Paddock - engineer, percussion; Anthony Polizzi - electric guitar, vibraphone, timpani, Arranger on Hands On The Clock, Holly, and Let It Come Down; Andres Rentaria - percussion; Kyle Stephens - electric harpsichord, piano; Jon "JT" Thomas - organ; Francisco Torres - trombone, bass trombone